Bible Reading

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5 days per week / 3 to 5 chapters a day / Bible read in 1 year

Our Sunday Evening Bible Studies will focus on our previous week Bible readings.

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4  Make me know Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths.   5  Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.      Psalm 24:4-5

Week 4—Day 1

Genesis 41

  • How many dreams did Pharaoh have and what was the interpretation to Pharaoh’s dreams?
  • What was the result of Joseph’s interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams and how old was he?
  • How many sons did Joseph have?
  • How far reaching was the famine before Joseph opened the storehouses?

Genesis 42

  • What did Joseph accuse his brothers of when they went to Egypt to buy grain.
  • What did the brothers have to do to prove their innocence?
  • What did the brothers find in their grain when they opened them up?

Mark 16

  • Why did Jesus specifically mention Peter in verse 7? (You will have to consult a commentary or “google” it. 😊)
  • Who did Jesus appear to first after his rising from the grave?
  • What happened when the disciples heard that Jesus had risen from the grave?

Week 4—Day 2

Genesis 43

  • Why was Judah afraid to go back to Egypt?
  • What did the brothers take to Egypt with them?
  • What did the brothers seek to return to Joseph?
  • What did Joseph do when he saw Benjamin?
  • How big of a portion of food did Joseph serve to Benjamin over the others?

Genesis 44

  • In addition to returning the money, what did Joseph put into Benjamin’s bag of grain?
  • How did Joseph give his brothers some of their own medicine? Please explain…
  • Which brother offered himself up in Benjamin’s place?

Psalm 24

  • Who owns all things?

Galatians 1

  • What was Paul upset about?
  • Who is to be accursed/condemned?
  • Who taught Paul the Gospel?

Week 4—Day 3

Genesis 45

  • What was the reason Joseph gave for his being sold into slavery by his brothers?
  • What was Pharaoh’s proposal to Joseph’s brothers?
  • What does this story tell us about how God is in control of all things and help us to understand Romans 8:28?

Genesis 46

  • What did God tell Jacob in a vision?
  • Who went to Egypt with Jacob?
  • What were Jacob’s words after he met Joseph?

Psalm 108

  • What is the contrast between verses 12 & 13?
  • How does that give us cause for praise and hope?

Galatians 2

  • Why did Paul go up to Jerusalem after 14 years?
  • Who was Paul entrusted to take the gospel to? Who was Peter entrusted to take the gospel to?
  • Who did Paul oppose to his face and why?
  • What does Galatians 2:20 mean when it says: “I have been crucified with Christ…”?  This link will shed some light on the phrase:

Week 4—Day 4

Genesis 47

  • How old was Jacob when he moved to Egypt?
  • What did Joseph take for payment for food instead of money and what eventually happened?
    • Bonus question: Do verses 13-24 help you understand the slavery setting in the book of Exodus?  This link may help you:
  • What did Joseph promise Jacob?

Genesis 48

  • Who did Jacob put ahead of Manasseh?
  • What did Israel say would happen to Joseph?

Psalm 25

  • No questions

Galatians 3

  • Who is justified by the law?
  • How did Christ redeem us from the law?
  • How many years after the covenant was the law established?
  • If we belong to Christ, whose seed are we?

Week 4—Day 5

Genesis 49

  • What did Jacob call Simeon and Levi?
  • Where would Zebulun live?
  • How did Jacob describe Benjamin?
  • Where did Jacob desire to be buried?

Genesis 50

  • How long was Jacob’s embalming period and where was he buried?
  • How long did Joseph live and where was he buried?

Galatians 4

  • When and to who were believers slaves?
  • Who does Hagar stand for?
  • Who are the children of promise like and who is their mother?

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8 The Lord is gracious and merciful; Slow to anger and great and lovingkindness. 9 The Lord is good to all, and His mercies are over all His works.  Psalm 145:8-9

Week 3—Day 1

Genesis 28

  • To whose house did Jacob go?
  • Why did Esau take a Canaanite wife?
  • Describe Jacob’s dream and give the name of the place.

Genesis 29

  • Who did Jacob meet at the well and what did she do?
  • What did Jacob do when he met the young lady at the well?
  • Describe what Jacob had to do in order to marry Laban’s daughter.
  • Why did the Lord open Leah’s womb?

Mark 11

  • Describe the triumphal entry.
  • After Jesus left Jerusalem where did he go?
  • Why did Jesus drive out the money changers?
  • What was the question Jesus asked to the chief priests and scribes?
  • Bonus question: What is the significance of the fig tree story in verses 12-14 & 20-26? 

Week 3—Day 2

Genesis 30

  • According to chapters 29 and 30 how many mothers bore Jacob’s children? Name the mothers.  List their relationship to each other and to Jacob.
  • Name Jacob’s children mentioned in chapters 29 and 30
  • How did Jacob prosper from Laban?

Genesis 31

  • Why did Jacob leave secretly?
  • Why did Laban pursue Jacob?
  • How did Laban and Jacob solve their disagreement?

Psalm 11

  • Where is the Lord’s throne?
  • Who does the Lord test?
  • who will behold his face?

Mark 12

  • What was the parable of the vine growers about?
  • Who did the vineyard owner send to the vine growers after they had abused many of the owner slaves?
  • What did the vine growers do to the vineyard owner’s son
  • Who did Jesus tell the crowd to beware of?
  • Explain why the widow gave more with one mite then the rich people who were putting in large sums of money.

Week 3—Day 3

Genesis 32

  • How many men were coming with Esau and what did Jacob do?
  • What was Jacob’s present for Esau?
  • Why didn’t the Israelites eat the sinew of the hip that’s on the socket of the thigh?

Genesis 33

  • Contrast Esau’s attitude in Genesis 27:41 and chapter 33:4-11.
  • Where did Jacob and Esau end up going after their meeting?
  • how much did Jacob pay for the land in Shechem and what did he do after he bought the land?

Genesis 34

  • What did Shechem do?
  • How Hamor handle the situation?
  • What was the response to Shechem by Jacob’s sons?
  • What Jacob tell Simeon and Levi?

Psalm 145

  • What do you see regarding God’s character?

Mark 13

  • Describe some of the events that will lead up to the coming of Christ and verses 5 through 23.
  • Where and how will the Son of Man be seen coming?
  • When does this chapter say that Christ will return? 

Week 3—Day 4

Genesis 35

  • Who was Rebekah’s nurse and where was she buried?
  • What was Rachel’s son’s name who was born in this chapter and what happened to Rachel?
  • What did Reuben do in this chapter?
  • How old was Isaac when he died and who buried him?

Genesis 36

  • Where did Esau move to?
  • Who became king after Husham died and what did he do in Moab?
  • Why are Biblical genealogies important? This link may help you:

Genesis 37

  • In your own words summarize and explain Joseph’s dreams.
  • What was Joseph’s brothers’ reaction to his dreams?
  • What did Joseph’s brothers’ tell their father happened to Joseph?

Psalm 12

  • What is this Psalm about? Can you relate?  How does this apply to you today?

Mark 14

  • List 5 main things that happened in this chapter.
  • Who were the men to follow in order to find a place to celebrate the Passover with Jesus?
  • What did Peter remember Jesus telling Him?

Week 3—Day 5

Genesis 38

  • What happened to Er and why?
  • What happened to Onan and why?
  • What did Tamar do to Judah?
  • How would you label this chapter?

Genesis 39

  • How many times does this chapter refer to the Lord being with and helping Joseph?
  • Where was Joseph taken, who was he enslaved to, and what became his position in his master’s house?
  • What did Joseph’s master’s wife want from him, how did Joseph handle the situation, and what was the result?

Genesis 40

  • What two men had dreams?
  • What was Joseph’s interpretation of the two men’s dreams?
  • Did Joseph’s interpretations come true?

Mark 15

  • What stands out to you in this chapter?
  • How does this chapter make you appreciate your salvation?

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Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, For His lovingkindness is everlasting.  Psalm 107:1

Week 2—Day 1

Genesis 16

  • What was Hagar’s son’s name?
  • What type of an animal was Hagar’s son likened to?
  • How old was Abram when Hagar bore him a son?

Genesis 17

  • Why did God change Abram’s name to Abraham?
  • What were some of the promises that God gave to Abraham in his covenant?
  • What was the sign of the covenant between God and Abraham?
  • What did Abraham do when God told him that Sarah would have a son?
  • How old were Abraham and Ishmael when they were circumcised?

Genesis 18

  • Where did the Lord appear to Abraham?
  • What did Sarah do when she heard that she was going to have a child?
  • Where did the men go after they visited Abraham?
  • How many righteous did Abraham bargain the Lord down to so Sodom would not be destroyed?

Mark 6

  • What were the disciples to take on their journey?
  • What did the disciples preach?
  • Why was John the Baptist put in prison?
  • How and why was John the Baptist put to death?
  • Why did Jesus feel compassion for the 5000?
  • How many people we are healed who touched Jesus’ cloak?

Week 2—Day 2

Genesis 19

  • Who did lot offer in exchange for the two angels who were visiting him to the men of the city?
  • What sins did Lot, his wife, and daughters commit?

Genesis 20

  • What did Abraham lie about?
  • What explanation did Abraham give to Abimelech why he lied?
  • How did Abimelech come to find out that Abraham lied and what happened to Abimelech’ household?

Psalm 1

  • What two types of people are contrasted in this chapter?

Mark 7

  • Who prophesied about the Pharisees and the scribes?
  • What defiles a man?
  • Why did the Syrophoenician fall at Jesus’ feet?
  • What was the gender of the person who was deaf and had a speech impediment.

Week 2—Day 3

Genesis 21

  • What did Abraham do the day Isaac was weaned?
  • What did Ishmael become and where did he live after leaving Abraham’s house?
  • Where did Abraham and Abimelech make a covenant?

Genesis 22

  • Where did God tell Abraham to take Isaac and what was he to do with him?
  • Why did God tell Abraham not to sacrifice Isaac?
  • Where did Abraham live?

Genesis 23

  • Who was the son of Zohar?
  • How much did Abraham buy Sarah’s burial plot for?
  • Where was Sarah’s burial plot?

Psalm 107

  • What do you specifically see in this chapter that you can praise the Lord for?

Mark 8

  • How long had the people been with Jesus without food?
  • Where did Jesus heal the blind man?
  • Who did Peter say that Jesus was?
  • What was Jesus’ rebuke to Peter?

Week 2—Day 4

Genesis 24

  • From what people group did Abraham tell his servant not to take a wife for Isaac from?
  • Who was Milcah’s husband and what was their daughter’s name?
  • What were some of Milcah’s daughter’s characteristics?
  • Who was Laban?
  • What was Milcah’s daughter’s response when asked if she would go with Abraham’s servant?
  • Why did Milcah’s daughter go with Abraham’s servant?

Genesis 25

  • Who was Abraham’s wife mentioned in this chapter and how many children are mentioned?
  • In what state of mind did Abraham die? Did Paul have the same state of mind? 2 Timothy 4:1-8.
  • Where was Abraham buried?
  • Verses 12-18 are a fulfillment to a covenant with Abraham mentioned in 17:20. What are some general observations that you see?
  • Who were Isaac and Rebekah’s two sons?

Psalm 4

  • Read this right before bed tonight.

Mark 9

  • What happened to Jesus’ clothes at the transfiguration?
  • What two Old Testament figures were seen at the transfiguration?
  • What physically happened to the demon-possessed boy when Jesus healed him?
  • Why would it be better to have a millstone put around their neck and thrown into the sea?

Week 2—Day 5

Genesis 26

  • What sin did Isaac commit that his father had committed twice earlier in Genesis and who was the king that found him out? Look back and see if you can find some similarities.
  • Who did Isaac make a covenant with? Look back and see if you can find some similarities.

Genesis 27

  • Who did Jacob deceive and why?
  • Who was right along Jacob through his deception?
  • What was Esau going to do after the days of morning his father were complete?

Mark 10

  • Why did Moses write a certificate of divorce? What do verses 11 and 12 mean?
  • Who did Jesus say more than once in the chapter has a harder time getting into heaven? Why?
  • What was James and John’s request to Jesus? What was Jesus’ answer?
  • Who was the blind man?

Click this link for WEEK 1 QUESTIONS


14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart-Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.   Psalm 19:14

Week 1—Day 1

  • Genesis 1
    • What phrase is repeated in 1:5813192331? Does this prove anything?
    • “God saw that it was good” is another important phrase ( 1:1012182125), that culminates with God seeing “everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good” (Gen. 1:31). What does this show about God’s nature?  Are there any verses you can think of that support your answer?
  • Genesis 2
    • What tree was not to be eaten from.
    • What was the reason that “…a man shall leave his father and hismother, and be joined to his wife; and they shallbecome one flesh.”?
  • Psalm 19
    • What speaks forth God’s glory without words?
    • Summarize verses 7-11. Does this motivate you to read and study Scripture more?
  • Mark 1
    • Are the baptisms mentioned in the chapter all the same or are they different baptisms? Here is a link that will shed some light on baptism.
    • In verses 40-45 Jesus healed a leper who Jesus told to “…say nothing to anyone…” (45) but then in the next verse (46) it says that “he went out and began to proclaim it freely and to spread the news around, to such an extent that Jesus could no longer publicly enter a city…” Was the leper in sin for disobedience?

Week 1—Day 2

  • Genesis 3
    • Did the serpent lie when he said to Eve in verse 4: “You surely will not die!” Explain your answer.
    • Why did Adam name his wife Eve?
  • Genesis 4
    • What were Cain and Abel’s professions?
    • Why was Cain’s sacrifice not accepted?
    • Who was Adam and Eve’s son that replaced Abel?
  • Genesis 5
    • How old was Adam when Seth was born?
    • How old was Adam when he died?
    • Who was Methusaleh’s father?
  • Mark 2
    • In verse 5, whose faith did Jesus see and whose sins were forgiven? Any thoughts on what that verse means?
    • Who did Christ come into the world to call?
    • Who was the sabbath made for?

Week 1—Day 3

  • Genesis 6
    • Summarize your thoughts on verses 1-4. Here is a link that might help:
    • How many decks did the ark have?
    • Why did Noah take two of every living thing on the ark?
  • Genesis 7
    • How old was Noah when the flood came?
    • How long did the earth flood?
    • How long did the water stay on the earth?
  • Genesis 8
    • When did Noah open the window of the ark?
    • What two types of birds were sent out by Noah?
    • What did Noah do in the last verses of the chapter?
  • Psalm 104
  • Mark 3
    • Who did Jesus heal?
    • Who did the Pharisees conspire with?
    • Who is guilty of an eternal sin?

Week 1—Day 4

  • Genesis 9
    • What was the covenant that God made with Noah?
    • What is the sign of the covenant and when will it come about?
    • What was Noah and Ham’s sin?
    • How old was Noah when he died?
  • Genesis 10
    • Who was Nimrod’s father?
    • Who was Peleg’s father?
  • Genesis 11
    • Why did God confuse the people’s language?
    • Who was the father of Terah?
    • What was Nahor’s wife’s name?
  • Mark 4
    • What seed did the birds come and eat?
    • What seed immediately falls away when affliction and persecution comes?
    • What is the kingdom of God like?

Week 1—Day 5

  • Genesis 12
    • What did the Lord promise Abram?
    • Why did Pharaoh treat Abram so well?
  • Genesis 13
    • Where did Abram move to when he left Egypt?
    • After the separation, where did Abram settle and where did Lot settle?
  • Genesis 14
    • Who rebelled on the 13th year?
    • Who recovered Lot with all his possessions?
    • Who was Melchizedek?
  • Genesis 15
    • Who did God specifically say would be Abram’s heir?
    • What does verse 6 reflect in Abram’s life? (Compare with Romans 4:3; 20–22 Galatians 3:6 James 2:23)
    • What was the covenant the Lord made with Abram?
  • Psalm148
    • No questions—just meditate and praise the Lord!
  • Mark 5
    • Why was no one able to bind the demon-possessed man?
    • What was the demon’s name that possessed the man?
    • Who touched Jesus’ garments?
    • How old was the girl Jesus healed?