The Power of Faith – Audio

Do you believe in the power of faith? Or are you disillusioned
about it? Maybe you are one who doesn’t believe in the power
of faith because you had what you thought was an unshakeable
faith that someone would be healed or that a situation would be
made better or that a problem would be worked out and it didn’t
happen and you are wondering why. Could it be that you
weren’t putting your faith in the right place?

A Legacy of Faith – Audio

Friends this faith that we have is such a treasure… It is not only a treasure for us personally but it is a treasure that we can pass down to future generations. We can leave A LEGACY OF FAITH to future generations! — What kind of a legacy will you leave for future generations?

Faith At The End – Audio

HOW DO WE DIE WELL? IT’S CALLED FAITH! In order for a believer to die well, he/she must live well. If we live for Christ and live the principles of His word we can be assured of our hope. We can have a resting faith—A secure faith—A faith that has no doubt!

ABRAHAM and SARAH: A Couples Faith in God – Audio

Faith is a wonderful thing! God gifts it to us in salvation – He builds it in us through our Christian lives as we allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us for His glory …and… He rewards us for it as we pass from this life to the next.Abraham and Sarah are no exception—
Oh yes at times they doubted, at times they sinned with some of the consequences still being evident today. …but… The fact remains that they were faithful… They lived lives of faith in God

Noah: A Story of Faithful Obedience – Audio

Noah paid the price of being an obedient servant of God and was rewarded for his faithful obedience. Noah understood that his hope was assured and lived a life of conviction in faith even though he didn’t understand what was coming down the pike.

“Faithing” the Facts – Audio

Hebrews 11:1 SAYS: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”
These two parallel statements tell us what faith looks like. If you just happen to glance at this verse it looks like two phrases that say the same thing, but it isn’t… This verse gives us the 3 basic essential characteristics of Faith—HOPE, assurance & CONVICTION!

Saving Faith: The Starting Line – Audio

Faith is the Christians’s Heartbeat! But… where does faith begin? How does it all start? The starting line of faith for the believer is SAVING FAITH! SAVING FAITH is the faith that is given by God as a response to the Holy Spirit drawing us to Him!

Living For Eternity #2 – Audio

AS BELIEVERS, THE TRUTH IS ALL WE HAVE! God’s truth is our salvation—our sanctification—and—our glorification… THE TRUTH FOR US IS EVERYTHING!
The truth tells us where to start, how to continue and HOW IT ALL MUST END.
-It starts with us guarding ourselves against error
-It continues with us growing in grace and knowledge …and…
-It ends with all glory going to God …