Living For Eternity – Audio

False teachers would have you believe that it doesn’t matter how you live or how your life looks to others because all man is sinful—BUT IT DOES MATTER because GOD SAYS IT MATTERS!
Believers don’t live for this life, WE LIVE FOR ETERNITY! It matters how we live!

How Well Do You Know God? – Audio

A. W. Tozer in his book, THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HOLY said: “What comes into our minds when we thing about God is the most important thing about us.” WHY IS THAT? Because our perception or thoughts about God determine where our relationship is with Him.

The Truth About Perception & Reality – Audio

In verses 1-7 of 2 Peter 3, Peter reminds the believers of Asia minor that having a reality based perspective in the truth is of the utmost importance even though the pretenders mock and ridicule it because ultimately, eternity boils down to one thing: THE REALITY OF AN ALL-POWERFUL GOD.

The Wickedness of False Teachers #2 – Audio

How important is the truth to you? Is it important enough to really know it? Is it important enough to really stand on it?

Even though we have the truth at our disposal, if we do not take every opportunity to gain knowledge of it—THE TRUTH IS USELESS—Oh, we may appear to be stable…and we may look good, but when the opposition and lies come, we will fall!

The Wickedness of False Teachers – Audio

A False Teacher’s character is wicked and as we see in this passage this attitude renders them FEARLESS and REASONLESS and worst of all SHAMELESS. They don’t fear or respect what they should… Their reasoning is like an animal’s reasoning …and… They simply have no shame in anything that they do.

The Portrait of a Divine Judge – Audio

THE PORTRAIT OF A DIVINE JUDGE shows us His proven TRACK RECORD with the CAPABILITY to rescue the godly and to punish the unrighteous …and… His FOCUS will zero on those who despise the truth and speak against it.

A Portrait of False Teachers – Audio

False teachers may be those who are closest to us. They may be our COMRADES who are COVERTLY working at introducing lies. They will CAPTIVATE you by appealing to your senses and they will convince you with their COGENT/convincing arguments.

The Bondservant’s Source For The Truth – Audio

What is our source for truth? Where can we go to find the truth? The obvious answer is Scripture! In 2 Peter 1:12-18 Peter has given the source OF truth—God and in verses 19-21, Peter gives our source FOR truth.