The Making of a Redemptive Genealogy – Audio

This genealogy was a very significant piece to the puzzle in the line of Jesus! Redemption had to take place for the line to continue. The line had been broken with no hope in sight…but Boaz rekindled that hope…

The Kinsman Redeemer–Part 3 – Audio

The book of Ruth closely parallels a believer’s redemption in Jesus Christ. However, in order for redemption to take place there must be someone who is willing to redeem–Redemption Needs a Redeemer.

The Kinsman Redeemer–Part 2 – Audio

Ruth had followed the instructions for physical redemption to a T as uncomfortable and unattractive as it was. She understood that redemption comes about in the redeemer’s way. Our spiritual Redemption requires us to follow all the instructions which causes discomfort and many times is unattractive but it is important, because redemption comes about in the redeemer’s way.

The Kinsman Redeemer–Part 1 – Audio

Ruth is given the purpose for and instructions on how to be redeemed by Boaz. Just like there were instructions for Ruth to be redeemed physically through her marriage to Boaz—There are instructions on how we are to be redeemed—and –if we do not follow them we cannot be saved.

A Portrait of Marriage – Audio

Marriage is more than: 2 people falling in love—2 people having children—2 people coming together for companionship—The union of 2 people and 2 families—MARRIAGE IS A PORTRAIT OF CHRIST & HIS BRIDE—THE PEOPLE OF GOD!