Located in a rural farming community eight miles south of DeRidder, LA, Broadlands Bible Church (formerly Broadlands Community Church) was established in 1917 as a true community church. Between 1915 and 1920, a large number of families from the central and upper Midwest migrated to the area. Once settled, they gathered together and formed the Broadlands community. Soon a large two room building was constructed that served as a community center, a school and a church. Over time as transportation and communication improved, the need for a rural school and community center ended – only the church remained.


Because of the diverse nature and religious heritage of the settlers, the church lacked a core identity. For over fifty years, the church alternated between Lutheran, Presbyterian and Methodist affiliations. However, in the mid 1970’s the church reorganized as a Bible church and became a part of Bible Conferences and Missions (now Camp Pearl Ministries).

The church at Broadlands has now entered its third decade as a Bible church. Its theology is dispensational and is affiliated with the IFCA International. However, the religious heritage of the membership remains wonderfully diverse. Currently, the majority of Broadlands’ members are composed of former Methodists, Baptists and Pentecostals. Amazingly, there is much unity amid the diversity.

The members of Broadlands bible church are warm and caring. One primary value shared by the membership is harmony. Conflict is avoided unless absolutely necessary. Close friendships prevail among the members and newcomers are readily accepted and assimilated into the church.

Broadlands Bible Church is blessed with a strong elder board and an active deacon board. The church also has a vibrant women’s ministry at Broadlands.

We are blessed to have a group of people that truly desire to follow and serve the Lord for His glory.