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  1. DeAndre Greyer


    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Finally, training Christian Mentors and Empowering Mentees is made easier with a Christian Faith Bible Based structured Mentoring program provided with a collection of 12 interactive books, weekly one-on-one sessions with a mentor, group workshops hosted by the Author, online events hosted by the Author with a Special Guest, forums and chat monitored by teachers, leaders, and mentors.

    We admire the work you’re doing in the community and would like to thank you by gifting a discount to your members. Register Now with Discount Code: PILLAR60 expires Friday, April 1, 2022.

    All Bout Christ and Me Series is a very brilliant guide that works perfectly well for teachers, mentors, leaders, or anyone who has a desire to teach others about the love of Christ. I ask God to bless each person to effectively learn the lessons, deliver what God’s Word says, and efficiently teach these books to others, then teach others who will continue to teach these books to others until Jesus returns.

    ABC & Me Series, well-organized step-by-step workbooks are a great resource for participants on a self-guided journey, examining the benefits of living a pure and holy lifestyle; I pray God reveals His ways, and each person understands His truths and applies them to their life.

    Prior Bible knowledge isn’t required before using ABC & Me Series. Whether a participant is a senior leader of a five-fold ministry, a devoted church member, lost or confused about their walk, suffering from anxiety, drugs, alcohol, or depression, anger-related mandated to take a class; then, ABC & Me Series is great. I ask God to continue to bless readers with an ear to hear their purpose and develop an Awe to produce a desire to imitate God’s Holy ways.

    ABC & Me Series is perfect for anyone looking to grow their knowledge of following Christ and to be transformed into Christ’s image. Register Now
    ABC & Me Series will challenge participants to grow stronger in Christ. You will find encouragement to listen, guide, teach, intercede in prayer, share, and develop a greater bond with God. A person may encounter several questions, doubts, concerns, fears, but most importantly they are not alone. Each program offers online access to the Author, Ministers, Teachers, and Mentors via weekly one-on-one sessions, group workshops/events, forum access and chat.

    Our program created a platform to chase after God while sharing a variety of life experiences and boldly seeking the Kingdom of God with people of many walks of life.

    Thank you,
    DeAndre Greyer,
    Marketing Manager
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