Tomorrow and upcoming meetings

In light of the fact that the frequency of COVID cases is reported to be increasing, and we have had a case in our church family and cases in the community, we think it is wise to remind ourselves of the need to be careful as we meet.  This is to give you the heads up on what to expect for tomorrow morning.  First, the adult Sunday school class will meet in the sanctuary where we can spread out more.  We will have every other row of pews blocked to help with distancing during Sunday school and the morning service.

We are encouraging the wearing of masks to access and leave the building, and they can be removed once in your seat.  We should also be reminded of minimizing physical contact with others and maintaining as much separation as you can.

We regret this is the action that is needed.  It is very difficult and not at all what we want to do.  But, this virus makes people very sick, and we need to be cautious.  We need to be unified in prayer and we can be sure that somehow this difficult time will work into God’s greater plan.

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