Our Pastor

Pastor Darrel began the pastoral ministry in Butte, Nebraska in June of 1970, after graduating from Dallas Bible College. He had married his wife, Hazel, two years previously.

From there they went back to Dallas and he enrolled in the Dallas Theological Seminary, but only remained there initially for 1 1/2 years. He then went back into the pastoral ministry at the Berean Independent Church of Moss Bluff, La.

After two years there, he joined with a group who wished to form a Bible Church in Jasper, Texas where he remained for 14 years and finished his theological training at The Dallas Theological Seminary. Then they moved back to the church in Butte, Ne. where they had begun, and remained for seven years, working to develop church leaders.

Once he felt his work was done there, they moved to Harlingen, Texas to pastor the church which had been God’s instrument in bringing him into The Faith. They moved from there after five years and, by a roundabout way, ended up planting a church in Lincolnton, North Carolina.

After seven years there, he retired from the active pastoral ministry and moved to Moss Bluff, Louisiana. He has come out of retirement to serve the Broadlands Bible Church as a teaching pastor.

Darrell and Hazel Cline

Darrel and Hazel Cline

Visit Darrel's website, biblical-thinking.org.